Expansion Beleave Inc. gets shape!

Our project at Beleave Inc. in Canada runs smoothly! The Flamborough grower awarded us the construction of the extension of his facility with 0.7 hectares. The people of Beleave Inc. can already look forward to the delivery of the greenhouse, because the finishing work is in full swing.

 The glazing is ready. The sandwich deck itself is also ready and people are now assembling and finishing the sandwich facades. The delivery of the greenhouse takes place within a few weeks, so that the partners which take care of the inside installations of the greenhouse can start working on that.

All of this will result in an ultra-modern cultivation facility, in which plants can grow under optimum conditions. We are proud of another great project overseas!

Havecon Beleave 032

Aerial view of the Beleave Inc. greenhouse on August 13. 2019