Projectupdate calendar week 43: on a roll!

On our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts we regularly provide you with short updates of our projects. And now and then we collect all in one newsitem, just like now. 

How are we doing in calendar week 43? An overview of the projects' status in the Benelux most worth mentioning.

Gabel BVBA, Roeselare (B)
In the Belgian town of Roeselare, the Gabel BVBA project is approaching the end of construction. Despite the enormous flooding, which we have had to contend with, the men from Voorwinden have committed themselves with all their might. No matter the weather , light or dark, they could not be beaten!

This has resulted in the glazing being almost completed at the moment; the glass in the facades will be on the program in the coming days. But the end is in sight and with that we have a happy client, Tuur Galle. That's what we do it for!

BVBA Gabel 033
Light or dark: we just continue building!

BVBA Gabel 027
Only the facades need to be fitted with glass.


Royal Peppers, Waddinxveen (NL)
It was and is also wet in the third phase of pepper grower Royal Peppers. But here, too, that means little obstruction to the building process: glazing was slightly behind schedule, but that 'damage' is currently being caught up quickly, because the glass flies up the greenhouse cover!

Royal Peppers III 013
The first glass is driven towards the glazing machine.


Montreahof II, Berkel en Rodenrijs (NL)
The Montreahof II project, an extension of the cultivation facility of this bell pepper grower, is also in the final construction phase. No glass is used here, but so-called SDP; 16 mm thick insulation boards. The last second courses are now being finalized.

Montreahof II 020
The side wall, with the top right-hand side of the machine applying the last SDP.

Genson Quality Plants, Someren (NL)
Our youngest project in the Netherlands is also going crazy! The signatures were only made a few weeks ago, but now the foundation is ready and the concrete piles have been pressed. Ready for the first vision work, which will start next mid-week.

Havecon van Gennip 007 
Nice overview photo of the Genson Quality Plants site, where the greenhouse will rise later.