Project update week 45: and we continue!

We can almost finish week 45 again. Time for another update of some of the many projects we have running worldwide.

We have a lot to share with you. Are you reading along?

Gabel BVBA (B)
We are approaching the final phase of this beautiful 10-hectare project in Roeselare, East Flanders. Voorwinden is now busy building the corridor, as you can see nicely below.

BVBA Gabel 038
The construction of the corridor of Gabel BVBA in full swing.

According to the schedule, it will take another two weeks until delivery. We will keep you informed.

Genson Quality Plants (NL)
This project in Someren, Netherlands is going really well! This week the first steel went up, giving the greenhouse of almost 8 hectares its first shape. If all goes well, glazing can already be started within two weeks.

Havecon van Gennip 009

Havecon van Gennip 015

Havecon van Gennip 014
They work with power and the steel flies upwards at Genson Quality Plants.

Den Overkant (B)
The 1.2 hectare tomato greenhouse of the Den Overkant project in Onze Lieve Vrouw Wavre, Belgium is almost complete: next week the final work on the speed door will take place and we will proceed to the final delivery. Not long afterwards, the tomato plates can enter. Below you can find a nice impression of the result.

Havecon Den Overkant 012

Havecon Den Overkant 011
Final phase Den Overkant.

Royal Peppers (NL)
The speed is also good in Waddinxveen. It is a muddy affair on the spot, but that does not stop Voorwinden from continuing to glaze the sandwich deck. That is therefore almost ready and the construction at the warehouse is taking shape quickly.

Royal Peppers III 014
Mud or not, the glazers continue to work.

Our projects in North America are also continuing. A short update of the most important projects in America and Canada:

Green Empire Farms (GEF)
An impressive project of almost 30 hectares in Oneida NY. But for that too Havecon and Voorwinden do not turn their hand around it! This week the first glass in phase 2 went out.

Havecon GEF 120   Havecon GEF 121
Hands in the air for the start of glazing of phase 2.

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP) - Phase II
The first preparatory work for this project, covering a total of more than 2.5 hectares, has been completed. The foundation is ready and the drain will also be finalized shortly.

 Havecon OOPII 001
The foundation at OPP phase II where the first Canadian snow of the season is melting away again.

Twin Creeks - Phases 3 and 4
The foundation is also ready for the third and fourth phase of the Twin Creeks project, albeit in this case for the warehouse. Construction will start next week. But the foundation of the greenhouse is also making good progress, this is already halfway.

 Havecon Twin Creeks F34 004JPG
Foundation work at Twin Creeks.