Fast start 2020!

2020 has a fast start for us! We entered the new year with an unprecedented number of projects in preparation, which will be completed soon or are in full swing at the moment.

In this first project update of 2020 we would like to inform you about all details.

European projects

First, let's have a look at the projects close to home where business is currently booming.

The Blackt
At the end of last year we worked with the greatest power at the Blackt in Wuustwezel, Belgium, to complete a large part of the steel construction. And we succeeded! After a short Christmas break, the men from Voorwinden picked up full speed where we left and therefore we can report that glazing will start still week.

Havecon De Blackt 014
In this photo from the beginning of last week, steel construction is still in full swing,
but the glass is already in place to be installed still this week!

Genson Quality Plants
The greenhouse in Someren in North-Brabant (NL) is ready! Voorwinden is still busy with the sandwich gables of the shed this week. So things are going fast for owner Theo van Gennip!

Havecon van Gennip 037 
Greenhouse = ready!

But, as stated, a very large number of new projects in Europe can also be reported. Do you count along with us?

One of our new projects is Baanheidehof, in Beerse (B). The foundation of the new greenhouse of this pepper grower has been completed and last week preparations for the water discharge have started.

Havecon Baanheidehof 002      
Foundation ready, excavation of rainwater discharge started.

Another newcomer on our project list! This project is in full preparation phase at the moment. The start of construction is planned for week 5.

Havecon Krikato 004
The building site of Krikato in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (B), where construction will start in week 5.

New project number 3! This project is also in preparation, but the construction will soon erupt: the concrete work will start this week. Photos of the progression will be added to the Chistiaenen project page.

Reytec Ammerlaan
Week 5 is a busy week, because various activities are also planned for this new work. In addition to the completion of the expansion, the piles are pressed and concrete work has started. Because of this phase of the project photo material is not yet available, but keep an eye on our project page and of course on Social Media updates!

Do you still keep on counting? New entrant no. 5! We are going to build a 13-hectare greenhouse in Terneuzen, Zeeland (NL). The work will start in week 10. Naturally, we will regularly make you a part of the building updates on the project page from that moment on.

The sixth and for the moment last to mention new project is Hoogweg which will be built in Luttelgeest (NL). The project consists of no less than 2 greenhouses with a total of over 24 hectares. The expansion and pressing of the piles starts in - how else can it be - week 5, the week after followed by the concrete work. This work for the second greenhouse is now scheduled for week 9. More info? Check the Hoogweg project page.

North America

Overseas we also keep things moving! An overview of part of our projects in the USA and Canada.

Green Empire Farms (GEF)
At GEF, we are in the finishing touch phase of greenhouse 2 as the gable panels are being installed. This work will be completed in the course of this week. In week 5 they start with hanging the hooks. The week after fine leveling the ground is on the planning.

Havecon GEF 141
Beautiful aerial photo of the total GEF project.

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

Start construction of the greenhouse - phase 3 is planned for week 6. At the end of this month all materials for the construction will be released.

Havecon OPPII 002
OPP with phase 2 completed on the left and behind it the building land for phase 3.

Twin Creeks
At Twin Creeks the building materials will be delivered next week. Start of construction is scheduled for mid-week 8. Soon this project will be online and we will also update you with photo material.