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What we do

More than just a greenhouse builder.

Havecon Horticultural Projects, founded in 2006, is a flexible and customer-focused organization with a wealth of in-house experience in the design, manufacturing and completion of greenhouse horticulture projects. From initial idea to post-delivery service, we can guide you through every step of the construction process. In recent years we have become a major global player in this field. But this doesn’t mean that our projects only have to be on a large scale. On the contrary, we are just as happy with a one-hectare greenhouse as a 15-hectare one – and work just as hard on it too. Every project is of equal importance to us. Our mission is to innovate, to lighten your load and to keep our promises. Working with our permanent construction partner Voorwinden Group, we can prepare a construction plan to get you up and running as soon as possible so that you can earn back your investment. We can complete the construction quickly and at a competitive price. That's Havecon. Please have a look at our extensive portfolio of projects. You will find the link below. 

From idea to Aftersales-service

Turn-key projects

For us, turn-key really means turn-key. It starts with an idea. Then we like to help you find a building plot, and we prepare an extensive report on its suitability. We also provide support and advice when applying for the correct utility connections. And we can – together with our highly reliable partners – take care of the delivery and assembly of all parts that a greenhouse needs to function. All this based entirely on your wishes and principles.

We are also happy to provide you with advice and assistance after delivery. Our door is always open. You can count on that.

Design and construction

The entire process of designing and manufacturing your new greenhouse takes place in-house. The production of greenhouse elements, such as gutters and profiles, is largely done in our own production facility. Consider our unique 'heavy duty' greenhouse roof.

Project management

Our team of specialized on-site managers is present at the construction site as much as possible. And sometimes permanently. From preparing the land for construction and setting it out, to the after-sales service once delivery has taken place. They are assisted by the expert Havecon team of project managers.

Feasibility study

Do you have an idea and/or perhaps a piece of building land at your disposal, but find it difficult to determine whether you have sufficient insight into all aspects of your project to ensure successful implementation? We can offer you a solution with an extensive feasibility study.

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This study analyses the functional, technical, financial, spatial and location aspects of a proposed project. With the results you can make a well-informed decision about the possible realization of the project. We can also provide a 3-dimensional plan of the construction, giving you a unique insight into the possible end result of your cultivation facility. And ensuring that your investment is fully budgeted and planned, down to the last penny.

Own aluminium production

All aluminum parts are also produced in our own factory. We are one of the very few greenhouse builders to do this. This means that your new greenhouse is completely tailor-made and deviations are kept to a minimum by constant quality control.

Guidance and advice on obtaining a permit

Havecon can guide you from A to Z through the process of obtaining a (building) permit; nowadays called an environmental permit in the Netherlands. Arranging for such a permit is often a difficult process, because you may not know which documents you need. Havecon is happy to take this process off your hands. We can supply detailed technical drawings for the construction of your greenhouse horticulture project.

Transport and logistics

In addition to production, we take care of the complete logistics process for all parts, wherever they have to go in the world.

Research & Business Development

The driving force behind a process of continuous improvement and further development of our products and processes. 

Product improvementAll our products meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and durability. However, that does not mean that products cannot be improved. We continuously strive to further develop and improve our products.

Product support | No matter how well a project is prepared before the start, unforeseen circumstances can always arise on site during construction. So it’s reassuring to know that, with our many years of experience, we won’t try to wriggle out of our commitment to you. Issues or even entire projects that deserve a little extra attention get ours too. And not "just in between". With us you get our full focus and support where necessary. And we will only continue construction if that is possible – and more importantly – if you, as the client, are 100% behind it. 

Business Development | Continued development of existing products is essential, but Business Development certainly also focuses on developing new methods and standards. Making visualized quotes using 3D animation is a good example of this. 

3D visualizations

The future project is brought to life step by step by means of 3D visualizations, views and film. All aspects, such as external views, but also all equipment and installations used in the greenhouse, such as insect mesh, screening, cultivation gutters, heating, water and lightning can be highlighted. You can get a complete view of the project from inside and out. In this way, our commercial team can go through everything in detail with customers and adjust it where necessary. A wonderful process, assisted by a large dose of team spirit.


Our Research & Business development department plays a crucial role in this and largely takes over the process for this target group. From searching for a suitable plot, applying for permits and ensuring the correct utility connections to a complete feasibility study in which the investment is substantiated. Havecon is an extremely suitable party for this target group, because we can completely unburden you from A to Z. We will expand these steps more and more in the future. Another important part of the process are 3D visualizations, which we can also provide in full. When location and dimensions of the project has been determined and cultivation and other important factors are known, our engineers will start working on creating a lifelike animation of the project. Even the future location and surroundings of the project can be visualized through Google Maps.


We are increasingly seeing new parties, mostly investors, entering the agricultural world. In most cases without green thumbs or experience, but with a clear business plan for a cultivation facility that usually consists of several phases and must be suitable for multiple cultivation purposes. At Havecon, we have responded to this in recent years by devising an alternative "commercial" model rather than simply requesting the wishes and requirements and drawing up a textual offer based on this.


It is our goal to further digitize (on) the construction site. That is why we have been working with Fieldwire for a number of months. This is a construction management system for our projects, where all our people "in the field" digitally together on one platform be connected. From project manager to contractor, anyone can use the system effortlessly and on the view construction site (construction) drawings, work plans and a keep a punch list.

Fieldwire is a reputable system, whatever is already used by more than 750,000 professionals worldwide in the construction industry. And Havecon is now one of them too!

We like working with Fieldwire so much that our Research & Business Development department is already working on it worked on further development for the future, where:

1. We can make even more use of the task function;
2. We can manage (standardized) forms easily.

Fieldwire ensures short communication and reporting lines between the construction teams, but we certainly use the system too, because it has great benefits for our customers. Our client can consult every colleague on the construction site about specific construction-related matters concerning the project, updates, etc. Everything can be found clearly.

This makes Fieldwire a real win-win for Havecon: benefit for us, even more benefit for the customer!

More info about Fieldwire? Click on the link below for the promo video.


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