What we do

Havecon is a flexible and customer-minded organization with a lot of experience in the field of development, construction and the complete realization of horticultural projects. Innovating, unburdening and keeping appointments keep our people busy every day. We enjoy doing so and we always want to share that passion with our customers.

On our website you’ll find the projects we performed and you’ll see what we’re capable of. And that’s a lot. Together with the Voorwinden Group we can make a tight construction schedule so we won’t be in your way very long. With the Voorwinden Group as our partner we’re proud to have more than 100 machines to our disposal for all the projects Havecon committed to.

A short and tight schedule is where we stand for.

Besides greenhouse construction Havecon is your partner for turnkey projects worldwide.  Read more about our look on turnkey projects, diffuse glass and discover what projects we worked and are working on. In case of questions or a desire for more information about a specific subject, do not hesitate to contact one of our devoted people, we'll be happy to inform you!

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