Pro Manager Mastercourse Medicinal Cannabis

From 3-14 June 2019, 15 (future) leaders of the medicinal cannabis production companies from around the globe will get acquainted with international horticulture today, what is in store for the industry tomorrow, and meet with peers from around the globe. This Mastercourse offers expert insights into the current state of the industry that participants work in and what the future will have to offer. Participants will also connect with current leaders of the Dutch horticultural sector. In addition, this interdisciplinary program will introduce participants to inspiring CEOs from other industries with lessons to share. 

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Foundation new office in place

In addition to the greenhouse projects we build in the Netherlands and abroad, we are currently building our new office in the Netherlands. At the beginning of January, the first pile went into the ground. Within a week the piling work was completed and the groundwork started. Despite the bad weather in late January (rain and snow) work continued without any problems.

In February, the foundation works started.  In two weeks time the rebar and the forms were placed for the foundation. The concrete was poured last week. View the progress here:

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Glazing started at Noordvliet Phase 7

At the moment, we are working on a great project in Middenmeer. Here we are working on the expansion of Noordvliet, phase 7 already! The project is over 12 hectares and is build alongside phase 5. In a short time the steel stucture was in place, after which the men of Voorwinden could start glazing the roof. Five glazing crews are working hard to cover the greenhouse with diffuse glass.

With the nice weather of the last few days it was a good moment to fly over the project with the drone.

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First plants go into new HEXO greenhouse

This week the first plants arrived at the brand new HEXO greenhouse! With the new greenhouse facility of 1,000,000 sq. ft. HEXO now has a total production capacity of 1.3 million sq. ft. of advanced cultivation an manufacturing labs, with more room to expand. The expansion has  extended the capacity to 108,000 kilograms of dried cananbis per year.

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Construction started for new Havecon office

Today, the construction works have finally begun for our new office. The factory next door has been used to full satisfaction for two years now. Afther months of designing and drawing the moment was finally here. The first pile was driven into the ground uder the watchful eyes of the employees and there was a toast to the start of the construction.

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