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We proudly present you our projects.

Here you will find an overview of our extensive portfolio of projects in Europe and North America. To make it easy for you, you can filter via the menu above by status, year of construction, continent, number of hectares and of course the type of cultivation. This way you will quickly find all information about the project of your interest. 

Projecten 'Construction year 2015'

Middenmeer, the Netherlands


Luttelgeest, The Netherlands

Brede Fleur Luttelgeest BV

Rochelle, Illinois, USA

Green Carbon

Zwijndrecht, Belgium

Herdi BVBA

Staden, Belgium

Jurgen Vandecandelaere

Margarthen am Moos, Austria

Red Tomatoes Productions GmbH

Beamsville, Canada

Freeman Herbs

Putte, Belgium

Kegoma BVBA

Al Hammah, Tunesia

Maison Oasis

Herenthout, Belgium

Kris Ceulemans

Middenmeer, The Netherlands

Greenco Wieringermeer

Luttelgeest, The Netherlands

Tas paprika CV

Georgia, USA

Food Ventures

Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Herman Kuiper

Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands

H.M. Tesselaar

Hertfordshire, Great Brittain

Bryants Nurseries (CHOK)

Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

Liebeton BV / Reytec BV

Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

Firma Dijkshoorn

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