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05 May 2017

About our customers: Van Duijn brothers

Last year the Dutch eggplant production acreage has decreased slightly, resulting in more room for growth in the eggplant market. The Van Duijn brothers happen to have room for expansion. Havecon will build the 2.8 hectare expansion of their greenhouse in Oosterland this year. The foundation works have already started with pushing the first wooden poles. "It will become a modern greenhouse, built according to the latest standards in the field of durability. That is important to us", tells Pleun van Duijn.

When it was time to set up the construction schedule, it became clear that the greenhouse builders are having a busier time than last year. "We had to begin this process early, otherwise we would have to postpone everything for one year", says Pleun van Duijn. "That hasn't been the case for a long time." Havecon has been contracted to build the greenhouse. The roof will have clear glass. "Apart from the fact that this will be one of the most modern greenhouses around, we will also invest heavily in automation. This will make sorting and palletising more efficient. There will be less handling, and we can better fulfill specific customer demands. This is very important for Purple Pride", according to Pleun van Duijn.

Read the entire article (in Dutch) on the website of Groentennieuws.

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