24 November 2017

Bayer Nunhems: digging, pushing and shaping

The construction of the R&D facilities 'GreenEx' are in full swing ever since the first pole was pushed in into the ground. One and a half month later the outlines of all departments of the greenhouses are clearly visible from above. The foundation poles for the heat buffer are being driven into the soil right now. The groundworks for the water basins are progressing fast and they are starting to shape the scenery.

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 001
An overview of all buildigs and zones

The drone images give a good impression of the entire project, and show the precise locations of where everything will end up.

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 002
Foundation works for the buffer tank

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 003
The Voorwinden crew are keeping an orderly site

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 004
Drainage is being dug, cement is delivered

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 005
A proper overview of the site, and in the foreground the foundation works for the heat buffer

Havecon Bayer Nunhems 006
Looking straight down from high altitude

Have a look at the images from the drone below.

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