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16 October 2017

Brabander Zantman almost ready for first plants

A relatively small project almost next door to our own office. Small, yet built according to the highest standards. Everything is there. The complete steel structure is powder coated in white, tempered glass vents, connected to an already existing greenhouse, irrigation, suspended grow gutters, new service building with office... You name it, and it's there. But this isn't just a small greenhouse. This is the new demonstration greenhouse for De Ruiter Seeds. A very sunny day gives us a good opportunity to take a look at the construction progress.

Havecon Brabander Zantman 030
The exterior of the service building is looking great, the parking area will be decorated when al construction works are finished

Havecon Brabander Zantman 032
A wide and open staircase leads the visitors to the reception area

The greenhouse itself has been closed a while ago already, and the service building followed in its footsteps. Work is taking place on the interior, creating offices and other spaces. There is a clear view from the office into the greenhouse.

Havecon Brabander Zantman 033
The water technical area is right next to the lobby

The greenhouse itself is split into two big departments. The tube rail system and the suspended gutters are already installed. The screening system is operational. In the front half of the greenhouse the lighting installation is being finished, and the gutters are already equipped with substrates. In this part of the greenhouse one of the screens has been closes partly in order to keep temperatures in check on this sunny day.

Havecon Brabander Zantman 034
This department is almost ready to receive the first plants

Havecon Brabander Zantman 036
This mechanic is removing the blue protective covers from the lighting installation

Havecon Brabander Zantman 037
The second department is relatively barren compared to the first one

Just a couple week left, and the fist plants will be put inside the greenhouse. After this the offices will be completed, making sure that this project will be able to be used as Experience Center soon.

All pictures taken during the construction can be seen in the slideshow below.

Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 002
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 003
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 004
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 005
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 006
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 007
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 008
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 009
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 010
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 011
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 012
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 013
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 014
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 015
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 016
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 017
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 018
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 019
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 020
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 022
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 023
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 024
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 025
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 026
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 027
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 028
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 029
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 030
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 031
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 032
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 033
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 034
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 035
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 036
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 037
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 038
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 039
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 040
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 041
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 042
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 043
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 044
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 045
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 046
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 047
Havecon-Brabander-Zantman 048

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