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22 June 2018

Busy days at Hoogweg phase 3

Currently, we are working on a nice project in Marknesse. Here we are building a new greenhouse for Hoogweg, phase 3. The expansion consists of 2 greenhouses of 7.5 hectares that are built next to the existing greenhouse. At the beginning of this week, the men of Voorwinden started with glazing the first 7.5 hectares, while the constriction works of the greenhouse frame started on the second 7.5 hectares. This greenhouse is provide with diffuse glass. The drone made a beautiful video and some pictures to show the progress of the construction.

Havecon Hoogweg f3 009
The first glass is in place!

Havecon Hoogweg f3 024
The men of Voorwinden are working hard on the second part of the expansion.

Havecon Hoogweg f3 010
The glazing crews has started.

For more information about this project, click HERE.

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