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24 July 2017

Construction progress Demers (Quebec) from above

Glazing started in May for the expansion of the greenhouse for the Demers family. Situated between Montreal and Quebec is the small town of Drummondville, and east of that town, next to the river that flows through Drummondville, construction works are nearing the end. At the moment the roof has been closed completely, and the gables are getting a finishing touch. A good time for our drone to visit our projects at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and have a look from above.

The roof is equipped with diffuse glass with double AR coating. Its effects are visible in the aerial pictures, and also in the pictures taken from within the greenhouse. From above the glass has a purple glow, when seen from certain angles. This is caused by the AR coating. In the picture below the purple glow is clearly visible, but the effect is also seen in the movie above. When the air vents are fully opened, the type of shade on that forms on the ground also shows the effects diffuse glass has on the light transmittance. At the places where the vents are open, the sun light can shine directly onto the ground. In the other parts the light is strongly scattered.

Havecon Demers 051
Typical purple glow caused by AR coating

Havecon Demers 062
Direct sunlight at open air vents, diffuse light in the rest of the greenhouse

Havecon Demers 063
The contours of the clouds are only visible through the open vents

Havecon Demers 049
The last rows are being glazed

In the mean while work has been started on the installations inside the greenhouse. In the water technical area the silos have been put into place. The wire bed used for screening, the motor shaft and the pull wires have already been installed, leaving only the actual cloth. At the moment the tubes for the tube rail system are being welded and painted, and consequently hung onto the columns of the greenhouse.

Havecon Demers 064
The water technical area is nearing completion.

Havecon Demers 059
The wire bed used for screening is already installed, together with all the drive components. The cloth will be installed later

Havecon Demers 065
At the moment work is being done on the tube rail system

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Havecon-Demers 002
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