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23 May 2017

Construction progress Noordvliet P5 from above

The men of steel were working hard in March, erecting the steel columns and trellies, and installing the gutters. The glazers could start their work in April. They also finished in April. The start and the end of the glazing has been captured from above with the drone. Many glazing crews are visible in the first video, and the all have to be supplied with glass panes. The tractors can hardly keep up. After the glazing crews have finished, a serene silence appears at the construction site.

Havecon-Noordvliet-F5-Dicht 001
Havecon-Noordvliet-F5-Dicht 002
Havecon-Noordvliet-F5-Dicht 003
Havecon-Noordvliet-F5-Dicht 004
Havecon-Noordvliet-F5-Dicht 005

The video below shows the start of the glazing. There are crews working simultaneously on several places.


The video below shows that the project is almost fully closed. Some glazing is taking place along the gable.

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