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27 June 2017

Construction started at Brabander-Zantman

The existing greenhouse has been demolished a while ago already to make place for a new one: a demonstration greenhouse for De Ruiter Seeds. This week the construction works started at the Narcissenweg in Bleiswijk: The first poles have been pushed into the ground. In October the first lighted greenhouse (7540 m²) will be taken into service, and the first tomatoes will be harvested at the end of December.

Havecon Brabander Zantman 002

In the background the last poles are being pushed into the ground

The packing will stay for now. Early 2018 an unlighted greenhouse will be added. An experience center will be built next to the existing greenhouse to accommodate guests and give them a tour.

Havecon Brabander Zantman 003
The concrete piles are ready to be installed

Havecon Brabander Zantman 004
The last couple of poles will be pushed into the ground today

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