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18 April 2017

Construction started at Ovata

It doesn't get any closer to home than this. Only a couple hunderd meters away from the head office constructions works have started for the new greenhouse for Ovata. It is being built on the site where a previous greenhouse burned down on October 1st 2012. "With the new greenhouse we want to close the book on this sad chapter in our history," says CEO Hans Ammerlaan of Ovata. The greenhouse structure needs to be finished in week 37. The foundation works have already started by pushing the wooden poles into the soil.

Havecon Ovata 001
A large amount poles are waiting to be pushed into the soil

The project will feature insect netting, double screening, heating, electrics (climate computer, fans, etc.), water systems (eb/flood system, mist system, reels, etc.) and a container system. In week 20 of 2018 everything needs to be ready for production.

Havecon Ovata 002
The first poles are pushed into the soil

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