09 January 2019

Construction started for new Havecon office

Today, the construction works have finally begun for our new office. The factory next door has been used to full satisfaction for two years now. Afther months of designing and drawing the moment was finally here. The first pile was driven into the ground uder the watchful eyes of the employees and there was a toast to the start of the construction.

Havecon fase3 020
The first pile is driven into the ground.

After almost 12 years, we moved from the Marconistraat to the Lorentzstraat last summer. Currently, we are working from our temporary office space in the factory. The new office will be built opposite the Havecon production hall and connected to the factory via a walkway. With a useful surface area of over 1100 m², we will be ready for the future.

For the construction of the office, we once again joined forces with Hanse Staalbouw for the construction and Ponsioen Installatietechniek for the installations. We are very satisfied with the course of the previous construction, and are therefore delighted that they will again be at our service.

Havecon fase3 030
A first impression of the new office.

Havecon fase3 031

Havecon fase3 026
Preperations for the first pile.

Havecon fase3 015
The team of Havecon watches the first pile go into the ground.


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