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19 February 2018

Construction underway for new office Voorwinden Group

Last Friday construction works have finally begun for the new office of Voorwinden Group. After months of designing and drawing the moment was finally there. The first pile was driven into ground by Aad Voorwinden and his sons Kris and Maik, under the watchful eyes of the employees and family.

Havecon Voorwinden Groep Eerste Paal 01
Aad Voorwinden (center) flanked by his sons Kris (left) and Maik (right)

At less than 500 meters from their current location, on a piece of land of 9.500 m², they were able to put together the plans and designs to their own wishes. The site has been chosen together with neighbor Havecon, partly owned by Voorwinden Group.

Aad Voorwinden started working in greenhouse construction over 30 years ago, with nothing more than a glass cutter, a hammer and some stairs. Now it's time to make the next big step together with the new generation Kris and Maik at industrial area Hoefslag. "Our new office was on the agenda for some time already," says Aad, "but when we found a suitable tenant for our current location, everything was quickly put into the next gear." 

Havecon Voorwinden Groep Eerste Paal 02
Impression of the plans at the Lorentzstraat

"If you look at how much our company has grown in the last years, it's a logical step to search for a new location for our office," says Maik. "We have 120 machines and they come to our office every once in a while, for maintenance, storage, or cleaning, for which we will build nice washing area, too! Our 40 cars and vans also need a place to park. The canteen has been set up to give our 100 employees a proper home base."

The new office will be built in the same style and with the same builders as the Havecon warehouse. This way both companies will stay connected, literally and figuratively speaking.

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