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11 April 2017

Digging drainage tubes at Solyco with very little room

Every project has its challenges. Looking for the limits is not uncommon. And at Solyco in Berkel en Rodenrijs we found another limit. Never have we had so little room for digging the drainage tubes. This was no surprise of course. The entire drainage system was carefully planned out before the first shovels hit the soil.

 Havecon Solyco Afvoer 001
Only one meter left to the ditch

Havecon Solyco Afvoer 004
Right on the edge, with little room to maneuver.

Despite the lack of room the drainage has been installed without any problems. The soil is already closed, and only a trained eye is able to see the amount of workmanship that has been put in to install everything. We are very proud that our men have been able to accomplish this.

Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 001
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 002
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 003
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 004
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 005
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 006
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 007
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 008
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 009
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 010
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 011
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 012
Havecon-Solyco-Afvoer 013

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