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16 June 2017

Drone shows 7 glazing crews at one project

Seven crews were glazing simultaneously at Duijnisveld. Gone are the days that just two crews were working on one project. Side by side they finished one row after another, making sure the 9 hectares project will be closed quickly. They have to work fast, because the next project is already waiting.

The nice weather the last couple of days delivered us an opportunity to take a look from above. A clear blue sky, together with ultra-clear glass were the perfect recipe for some beautiful pictures.

Havecon Duijnisveld Beglazen 005
Six glazing crews caught on camera in one shot

Havecon Duijnisveld Beglazen 007
Almost finished with a row

Havecon Duijnisveld Beglazen 012
The loading site is almost empty

Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 001
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 002
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 003
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 004
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 005
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 006
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 007
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 008
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 009
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 010
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 011
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Beglazen 012

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