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20 July 2017

Drone shows construction progress Solyco

Another great project close to the office. Solyco is expanding, just north of Berkel en Rodenrijs. Using the latest technologies available, several breeds of tomato are being grown here. Crop protection is kept as close to nature as possible. Because of the increasing demand for their tomatoes, the acreage will be increased from 10 to 17 hectares. Construction works are nearing the end. The structure itself was finished a while ago, and the roof is completely closed.

Havecon Solyco 021
Attached to the columns the pipes for the tube rail system are waiting to be installed. The soil is being kept wet to prevent dust as much as possible.

Right now a lot of hard work is being done to all the installations inside the greenhouse. The screening installation is almost complete, leaving only the cloth itself to be installed. All the wiring for the electrical installations are being put into place. The pipes that are being used with the rube rail system are hanging at the columns. One can already imagine what the greenhouse will look like in a couple months, when the first tomato plants are being put into place. 

The drone flew over this project to show the construction progress. You can see the work being done inside the greenhouse thanks to the clear glass. You can see people working on various installations in almost every part of the greenhouse. There is also work being done outside: The concrete for the buffer tank is being poured.

Havecon Solyco 022
The new expansion for Solyco, with in the background Zoetermeer and the skyline of The Hague

Havecon Solyco 023
The old and the new greenhouse next to each other, with in the background Berkel en Rodenrijs

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