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04 July 2017

Drone shows construction progress Tas Paprika

Construction works started in April of this year for Tas Paprika, situated in the horticulture area near Luttelgeest, The Netherlands. In the past three phases have already been put into service. Expansion plans for another phase had already been made for quite a while. At the end of last year the time was ripe for adding another 8 hectares to this site. Together with the Zevenhuizen site this amounts to a total acreage of over 40 hectares of red and yellow peppers. The drone has taken a look, clearly showing the construction progress from high above.

Tas Paprika has chosen to use clear 91+ glass, just like the previous phases, creating unity at this location. The other three phases have all been built the same way, with the same dimensions. The clear glass delivers us some unexpectedly pretty images. At certain times the glass panes look almost non-existent, thanks to clarity of the glass. And when the drone flies at a low altitude, it is clear to see that every pane deforms slightly under the influence of gravity. These effects can't be seen when you film greenhouse with diffuse glass.

Drone footage taken on July 1st 2017: The glass is almost invisible!

In May of this year the glazing crews were still very active. Five crews were simultaneously working on closing the roof. It took them only three weeks to accomplish. One crew remained to finish the gables and install glass panes there. The video below shows a couple of the glazing crews in action.

Drone footage of May 22nd 2017: Glazing crews in action

At the moment our men have finished their tasks. The greenhouse construction has been completed. Now it's time to work on all the installations on the inside, such as screening, heating and irrigation. At the end of November the first plants will be planted inside the greenhouse.

Havecon-TAS 001
Havecon-TAS 002
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