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02 May 2017

First glass at Solyco

The foundations works have finished at Solyco in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The first steel columns have been put into place a week ago. But before the steel workers were finished, the first glass was already installed at some bays. There are only two glass teams scheduled for this week, but next week this will be tripled. And so will the speed at which the project is being glazed. Because of this the entire project will be closed within three weeks.

There is no trace to be seen of the digging works that took place only two weeks ago. In order to be able to place the drainage tubes, the last inch of soil had to be used. Now everything has returned to normal. Nothing points to the highest degree of concentration that was needed to steer the machines to dig the trenches. It all looks so simple after everything is done, but the pictures below paint a different picture. It shows what kind of craftmanship is needed in order to build a high quality greenhouse. 

Havecon Solyco Afvoer 006
Digging the water drainage next to a ditch

Havecon Solyco 006
The steel construction is almost finished, the drainage has been finished off

Havecon Solyco 012
The contours of the greenhouse are clearly visible with the installation of the head gable

Only two weeks to go and all the roof glass has been placed, and the work inside the greenhouse can start.

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