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01 August 2017

First steel Ovata

The foundation works have been completed and the drainage tubes are safely hidden under a layer of soil. Now it's time to start working on a higher level. The first steel has been erected for the expansion of Ovata in Bleiswijk. There has been quite some rain in the last couple of days, which doesn't make things easier. This project has an extra challenge. Every row has a slightly different column and trellie. There have been quite some headaches with connecting the new greenhouse to the old one properly. Usually more than 90% of the columns and trellies are identical. That is not the case here.

The video shows that all the trellies and columns have already been sorted. The concrete piles have been given a number, corresponding to the column that needs to go there. This makes sure that construction will run smoothly, despite the large number of different columns and trellies. Glazing will start in about three weeks from now.

Havecon Ovata 014
The gutters of the old greenhouse have already been prepared, in order to attach the new gutters.

Havecon Ovata 017
All materials have been sorted properly to accommodate a smooth construction

Havecon-Ovata 001
Havecon-Ovata 002
Havecon-Ovata 003
Havecon-Ovata 004
Havecon-Ovata 005
Havecon-Ovata 006
Havecon-Ovata 007
Havecon-Ovata 008
Havecon-Ovata 009
Havecon-Ovata 010
Havecon-Ovata 011
Havecon-Ovata 012
Havecon-Ovata 013
Havecon-Ovata 014
Havecon-Ovata 015
Havecon-Ovata 016
Havecon-Ovata 017
Havecon-Ovata 018
Havecon-Ovata 019
Havecon-Ovata 020
Havecon-Ovata 021
Havecon-Ovata 022
Havecon-Ovata 023
Havecon-Ovata 024
Havecon-Ovata 025
Havecon-Ovata 026
Havecon-Ovata 027
Havecon-Ovata 028
Havecon-Ovata 029
Havecon-Ovata 030
Havecon-Ovata 031
Havecon-Ovata 032
Havecon-Ovata 033
Havecon-Ovata 034
Havecon-Ovata 035
Havecon-Ovata 036
Havecon-Ovata 037
Havecon-Ovata 038
Havecon-Ovata 039
Havecon-Ovata 040

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