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Written on November 6.2020

First tomato plants on the cultivation gutter at Fonte Verde Agro.

In the early spring we already wrote about the special project Fonte Verde Argo. A cultivation facility of 2 hectares has been built in Andradas, the southern region of Mina Gerais near Sao Paulo, Brazil, of which more than 1.5 hectares is intended for the cultivation of tomatoes. Havecon was able to supply all materials for this special project.

In addition to the greenhouse, the inner systems were also provided by leading Dutch companies. For example, VB provided the heating installation and FDG Systems from Den Hoorn brought in the disinfection and watering units. Priva supplied the Connext process computer and Erfgoed from Moerkapelle took care of the cultivation floors and the leveling of the plot. Doek en Wire from s-Gravenzande supplied the screen installations.

By using all these advanced Dutch materials, technology and expertise, Fonte Verde is able to realize protected cultivation. For example, the greenhouse temperature and ventilation can be adjusted all year round, there is biological crop protection and all water is reused through a completely closed circuit. This means that the tomatoes are 99% free from pesticides. Fonte Verde Agro thus makes an important and positive contribution to food security and quality in this part of South America.

CombiCoop from Maasdijk was responsible for the entire purchase and project management for Fonte Verde Agro. Director Arjan Flikweert has a nice milestone to share: "It took some doing, but we as a team are extremely proud to be able to announce that the first crop, with self-grown tomato plants, is on the gutters.
Flikweert continues: “This means that an advanced cultivation facility in an even more special location has officially been put into operation. And we are incredibly proud of that. I would like to thank all partners, including Havecon, for the joint realization of this exceptional project! ”

You can admire the first photos from Brazil on the right. But do take a look at the website:

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