Written on August 18.2021

“Foliera is building towards a strong future with their latest greenhouse.”

Sometimes, the best way through uncertain times is to take advantage of other’s hesitancy towards risk. This holds true for Lisa and John Kouwenberg, the owners of Foliera, an Ontario based Tropical and Potted Plant producer/wholesaler, who are not afraid of taking big steps. 

In 2019, Foliera purchased a 5 acres existing cucumber greenhouse located in Smithville, Ontario, 15km away from their current facility in Beamsville Ontario, and undertook a major renovation there.

Ripping out the existing greenhouse heating, screening, irrigation and growing systems and replacing them all with state-of-the-art growing installations, they have transformed the greenhouse into something that every grower would be proud of.

COVID did not stop them either, they powered through that challenge too. Not even before the last coat of paint dried on the newly renovated greenhouse, John and Lisa were in discussions with Havecon to add on another 1.6 Ha of high-tech Venlo greenhouse. Construction began on the expansion in late 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by end of August 2021.

Owners John and Lisa Kouwenberg established Foliera in 1990 and through hard work and dedication grew the company to become leader in the growing exotic plants in the Canadian market. With innovative products and new age technologies, the company plans to exceed the growing demand of their ever-expanding customer base. This is the 3rd project that Havecon has realized for Foliera, when asked why they continue to work with Havecon, John explained that Quality, Speed and Attention-to-Detail is what sets Havecon apart. 

For more information regarding Foliera please see the contact information below.  

4655 Bartlett Road
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B1 Canada
An impression of the construction phases can be found on our project page

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