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20 December 2017

Gert Jan van der Spek (Solyco) on French television news

French people are fond of French cheese, French wine, French people and France. Chauvinism is not a French word for nothing - to convince them of something else you have to come from a very good house. And so Dutch horticulture succeeds. In addition to earlier international publications this year, the French news TF1 has also taken a look at the Dutch tomato greenhouses.

"You would think that our tomatoes come from southern countries such as Italy and Spain", the presenter begins. But nothing is less true. "Our tomatoes are increasingly coming from the North, as can be seen in this impressive report on Dutch horticulture".

Havecon Solyco TF1 001

In the report, Dutch growers are praised for the way in which they apply innovations. Regardless of the weather conditions, tomatoes are harvested on the conveyor belt. In addition to visiting the tomato greenhouse of Gert-Jan van der Spek, the reporter also visits Wageningen University to see where all smart technology is developed.

The French also call the Netherlands champion. This time it is 'champion intelligent horticulture', which the Netherlands can add to the list.

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