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01 March 2019

Glazing started at Noordvliet Phase 7

At the moment, we are working on a great project in Middenmeer. Here we are working on the expansion of Noordvliet, phase 7 already! The project is over 12 hectares and is build alongside phase 5. In a short time the steel stucture was in place, after which the men of Voorwinden could start glazing the roof. Five glazing crews are working hard to cover the greenhouse with diffuse glass.

With the nice weather of the last few days it was a good moment to fly over the project with the drone.

Havecon Noordvliet7 024
Glazing is already halfway!

Havecon Noordvliet7 019
The frame of the greenhouse is already in place.

Havecon Noordvliet7 029
All 7 phases Noordvliet from out of the sky.

For more information and picture about this project, visit our project page.

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