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29 May 2018

Grootscholte Terneuzen phase III

The new construction at bell pepper nursery 4 Evergreen in Westdorpe (Terneuzen) is finally getting shape. Begin February construction of the 13.5 hectare greenhouse at a 27 hectare new construction lot started. This lot is located across the already existing greenhouses with a total surface of 28 hectare. Last week they started to put in the glass panes of the first new greenhouse. 

As soon as the new construction lot of 27 hectare has been completely built, the total size of the location in Westdorpe will be 55 hectare. It is expected that 4Evergreen will be growing bell peppers on 112 hectares, together with other locations.

The construction is on schedule. Besides the glass panes, a new shed is being built next to the new greenhouse. Gerard Kole at the location of 4Evergreen in Westdorpe: "That shed will be 300 meters long in total, and will be assembled like a DIY-kit.

Havecon Grootscholte f3 022

Long stroll
The bell peppers from the new greenhouse will all be gathered together in the new shed. The carts will have to cross a distance of max 700 meters by automated transport to go from the aisle in the back to the front of the shed. Gerard: "I will most certainly be using my bike to travel the increasing distances in our company."

Both parts of the company will be parted by a public road with heavy traffic. This will be a challenge, because all the bell peppers will be processed in the central shed at the other side of the road. Gerard: "For the bell peppers we will harvest each day in the new greenhouse, will easily require seven to ten trucks. To get those bell peppers to the other side of the road, driving up and down with a forklift will no longer suffice. But because crossing with a truck is also dangerous, and as it concerns only a dozen rides of a few hundred meters, a bridge is something under consideration. Buying and closing down the public road was not an option."

At the end of July all the glass panes should have been fitted, so the painting and installation of the crop hooks can begin. Gerard: "The labor for this we supply ourselves. We will hire extra staff from detachment agencies, and under supervision of specialized companies we will execute the labor ourselves."

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Another 13.3 hectare in 2019
According to expectation, the planting of bell pepper plants can begin in week 46. As soon as the new shed and the greenhouse of 13.5 are fully operational, another 13.5 hectare greenhouse will be built on the second part of the lot. Depending on market developments, the construction will start in 2019.

Residual heat and CO2 of nearby fertilizer plant Yara enter the greenhouse through tubes. In a heat exchanger water of 85 degrees Celsius enters at 4Evergreen, after which water of 35 degrees is returned to the fertilizer plant. Furthermore, 4Evergreen is intending to place solar panels on the roof, thus supplying all their energy needs. Because 4Evergreen is not using gas, and will be generating more than enough electricity, the growth will be energy neutral.

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