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Written on November 9, 2022

Havecon 16 years, a look back and a look into the future

On November 9, 2006 Havecon was founded by Aad Voorwinden and Henk Verbakel. Where Aad and Henk started on a small scale, Havecon has now grown into a strong player on the international market. Today is a moment to reflect on where it all started, but we also take a look into the future.

2006 - The start of Havecon.
Havecon is now a well-known name in the horticultural sector. But where does the name actually come from? It's actually quite obvious if you know the men behind Havecon: the H stands for Henk, the A stands for Aad, the VE is for Voorwinden and Verbakel together and finally you have the CON of construction. HAVECON is a fact! Behind this name and together with the strength of Voorwinden the goal to grow into a leading greenhouse builder who will produce, deliver and build quality was born.

2006 - The construction of the first Havecon greenhouse: Theo Ammerlaan Orchids in Pijnacker.

As the contract described according to the building plan, it was "building a horticultural greenhouse". Nothing more and nothing less. This very first Havecon greenhouse had a total area of 11,235 m2, where Havecon and Voorwinden started construction in mid-May 2007.

2022 - Havecon is now celebrating its 16th anniversary.

In the meantime a lot has changed and many big and small greenhouses have been built. From Bleiswijk greenhouse builder to a strong international market leader. From a team consisting of seven enthusiastic employees, to a strong and connected team spread over the Netherlands, North America and Bosnia.

2022 - Atrium Agri partners meet.

In December 2021, the official marriage between VB Group, PB tec and Havecon was announced. Together with its partners BOM Group, JB Hydroponics, Cambridge HOK and VEK, a powerful knowledge platform was formed to create the most effective and sustainable solutions that contribute to a healthier world. On Friday, November 4, Havecon was privileged to welcome its Atrium Agri partners for the first "Atrium visiting. A visit to an Atrium Agri partner with a joint Friday afternoon drink.

2022 - A look back at a turbulent year and the future perspectives.

As for the whole of the Netherlands, 2022 is also an eventful year for the horticultural sector. Energy prices are drifting up further, there is unrest and uncertainty in the financial market, and world trade growth is suppressed. Where the Dutch economy was just recovering from the corona dip, it once again ran into its limits in 2022. But despite a turbulent year, the perspectives look good for the horticultural sector. In any case, Havecon looks to the future with confidence and a positive view!

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