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Written on April 24, 2020

Havecon client speaks...episode no. 2

Project Details

  • Customer                              OPP
  • Location
    St. Thomas (ON), Canada
  • Construction year
    2019 / 2020
  • Greenhouse area
    6.6 ac
  • Cultivation 
    Vegetable plants

Tim vanderKooy, VP Sales & Customer Experience with Ontario Plants Propagation.

End of last year we introduced a brand item on our website: 'Havecon client speaks...' 

Today we continue this series of interviews. We talk with our clients, of which many have been gratefully loyal to us for many years, about the history of their company, about the history of our cooperation and the way they experience(d) working with Havecon. 

In this second episode we are calling with Tim VanderKooy VP Sales & Customer Experience with Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP) Ltd in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Havecon together with Voorwinden Groep is currently building a 6.6 acres project, consisting of a greenhouse and service area for them.

We asked Tim to shorty summarize the history of OPP. “My father founded OPP in 2002. At that moment we started with 6 acres of greenhouse. In the past decades we increased to 32 acres and with the new project we are about to expand to 36 acres of greenhouse flood floor area. With that we are a premier supplier of greenhouse vegetable plants”.

Ontario Plants specialize in the propagation of hydroponic vegetable plants as well certified organic vegetable plants. They take care of fulfilling orders of both grafted or non-grafted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants, spanning across the North Amercian region any time of the year.

How did the collaboration with Havecon started? Tim explains: “This goes back to 2012. In that year Havecon was building a greenhouse project for the Mastronardi Group in Michigan. We heard about that and asked them about their experiences with Havecon. They were very good and so the story began. It’s was really a ‘here-say’ kind of thing.”

And how do you experience the partnership yourself, Tim? “In one word: Excellent! We already knew Dutch builders are people you can rely on, but you have to experience that in practise yourself. Based on our first project with Havecon in 2014 I can now say I fully agree with that statement. Everything is high calibre and according to planning. That is why we fully trusted that everything will go well again for the current project we are working on together.”

To close this interview, Tim, how would you describe (your partnership with) Havecon? “I do not have to think long about that. It would be dependable, high quality in both material, equipment and building and finally fair”.

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