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Written on December 22, 2020

Havecon client speaks...episode no. 5

Project Details

  • Client                       JEM Farms
  • Location
    Ruthven (ON), Canada
  • Construction year
  • Greenhouse area
  • Cultivation 

Jamie Mastronardi Jr, co-owner of JEM Farms in Ruthven (ON), Canada

In this 5th episode we have the pleasure to talk to Jamie Mastronardi Jr., one of the sons of JEM owner Jamie Mastronardi. Since the winter of 2018/2019 Havecon built almost 28 acres (over 11 hectares) in three different phases for them. The current phase we are working on, called R&D, consists of a storage room and an extension of the warehouse.   

Can you tell us a bit more about the history of JEM, Jamie?

My father Jamie Mastronardi, established the company in 1985, starting with 3 acres. The name ‘JEM’ comes from the initials of my dad Ercole and I combined with our last name: Jamie Ercole Mastronardi. We grow different types of vegetables, from (bell) peppers and cucumbers to organic grape tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes.

The company went quite well and in 1997 we were ready to expand with 3 acres, followed by 8 acres in 2004. Back in 2012 we had our biggest expansion of 14 acres. Until the winter of 2019 when we worked with Havecon for the first time and build 18 acres together.

So the history with Havecon only lasts for a year now?
Yes, it does. But based on the outstanding job both Havecon and Voorwinden did in the first project in the winter of 2019* including HPS lighting for the first time, phase 3 (18 acre greenhouse and 0.5 acre technical space) was built very soon after in summer and autumn of this year. And now we are in the next ‘R&D’ phase consisting of a storage room and expansion of one of the existing greenhouses of over 28 acres in total. 

Wow, this is impressive and means business is going well! And so good to read Havecon contributed so much on that!
Absolutely! We are really happy with Havecon as they are always ‘ready to rock’.

How did the cooperation started?
In the years before we decided to go for another expansion we already had Havecon on our ‘preferred supplier list’ as we heard very good things about them. In the tender phase this was confirmed immediately: Havecon was the best to bring in their quote and next to the fact they were the fastest they also were the best in price combined with quality. And also very important: the quote was complete from a to z. Something we never experienced before.

But also during the building process every aspect was arranged very well. A thing I immediately think of now if the fact you create a special Group chat on WhatsApp. Great and efficient way of communicating. Everybody involved always knows the latest status.    

That’s the best feedback we could get! Very honored and thankful to hear that. So if you have to describe Havecon as a company and regarding the cooperation with us, what words would that be?
First thing which comes up in my mind is ‘understandable’ followed by ’determined’. And last, but not least ‘easy to work with’. Ow, those are three words. Well, never mind. That’s how it is…    

*(phase 2 – 7.2 acres consisting of a 6.9 acre greenhouse, 1.7 acre technical area and 1.3 acre storage room)

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