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Written on February 26, 2021

Havecon client speaks...episode no.6.

Project Details

  • Client
    Van Geest Potplant
  • Location
    's-Gravenzande, The Netherlands
  • Construction year
  • Greenhouse Area
    1.7 ha
  • Cultivation

Dirk van Geest, co-owner of Geest Potplanten in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

In this fifth episode of our column "Havecon client speaks" we talk with Dirk van Geest with Geest Potplanten from 's-Gravenzande. This spring, we may take care of the third expansion for Geest Potplanten. And we hope the third project will be followed by many more!

Can you briefly tell us something about the history of Geest Potplanten, Dirk?
“My father Dick founded the company over 45 years ago. After starting out in vegetable cultivation, he switched to pot plants 33 years ago and that's how D.C. van Geest Potplanten was born. My sister Esther and I grew up in the business and took it over as the second generation 5 years ago. The range has been evaluated and expanded by customer demand, and today we grow a wide range of green plants, and large and small-flowered phalaenopsis (pot orchid) under the name Geest Potplanten.

And now ready for an expansion of the breeding facilities?
That's right. We want to broaden our range of green plants and will work with you to realize a third greenhouse for our Strelitzia Nicolai at our location in 's-Gravenzande. This is possible because we were able to purchase the land from hydrangea nursery on the address A. de Groeneweg 28. The new greenhouse will be built against our existing location at no. 22 and there will soon be a passage to walk from one greenhouse to another. All our locations are close to each other in the municipality of Westland. With the new extension, each location will have its own cultivation.

This is the third time that we may build for you. How and when did this collaboration come about?

This dates back to the time that Havecon was up&running for over a year, in 2008. Besides Henk Verbakel, Aad Voorwinden was also actively involved in the sale and construction of this project.
This first collaboration went so well that we also built the next project, in 2017, with Havecon. And at the end of March / beginning of April an extension of more than 18,000 m2. Just like 4 years ago, we are going to provide it with high haze glass (diffuse) in the deck. In addition, just like the previous construction, the outer walls are provided with sandwich panels. This is the most insulating gable cladding for a greenhouse, resulting in lower energy consumption and the least climate differences.

Your mission and vision according to your website can be summarized in three words: Together.Improve.Success which stands for: Strong Collaboration, Ambitious Performance and Contributing Success. How would you describe the collaboration with Havecon in three words?

“Just three words is difficult, but what comes to mind right away, is 'A deal is a deal'. That is not an empty statement with you, it has been shown in practice. Voorwinden's enormous construction team provides strength, which means that schedules can also be caught up again. In addition, I praise the flat organization, which makes the communication lines very short. Ideal and very efficient for us as a customer, both in the sales phase and during construction. Finally, I think your quality is of a very high level. The fact that you have your own production of aluminum, among other things, enables you to deliver high-quality material.

We look forward to working with Havecon again and hope to be able to put a beautiful new and modern greenhouse into use in October.

Let's keep in touch.

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