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04 April 2017

Havecon crew glazing at full speed

It's full speed glazing at Dutch tomato grower Combivliet. Last week the first container with glass arrived at the construction site and as many as seven teams got started right away. "It looks like all our glaziers are getting to work on the same project," Havecon notes. 

 Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 001
The first glass is already installed

At Combivliet, once again diffuse glass with two-sided AR coating was chosen. "The result speaks for itself. In the picture below you can clearly see the effect on the light transmission. On the left side the clouds still are recognizable. On the right side only a haze is visible. Thanks to the high light transmission you don’t even see that the glass has been installed," they tell us.

The greenhouse will be 12 hectares in size and that means that the Noordvliet location will increase to more than 60 hectares of greenhouses. Together with the other locations, in Rilland, 'S-Gravenzande and Maasdijk, Combivliet will pass the 100-hectare greenhouse mark.

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 003
Left side not glazed yet, right side already glazed.

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 004
A break for the machines

A perfect moment to take a look from the air. Phase 5 is being built next to phase 1, where it all started for Noordvliet in Middenmeer.

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 005
At the bottom phase 1 is visible. The first roof sections are already fully glazed.

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 005
The first roof sections up close

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 005
In the background phase 1 and 2

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 005
Straight from above, four teams competing to reach the other side first.

Havecon Noordvliet Beglazen 002
And this is how it will look inside later

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