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11 October 2011

Havecon on Growtech Eurasia

From 1 to 4 December Havecon Projects will attend the International Fair "Growtech Eurasia" in Antalya Expo Center in Turkey.

Growtech Eurasia is the biggest agricultural fair of Eurasia and Turkey provides a significant contribution to the development of the agricultural sector. Growtech Euresia, in which the latest agricultural technologies and the techniques directed at realizing a higher quality and more productive production as well as new products shall be exhibited, shall make an appearance this year on an area of 35.000 m2 in Antalya Expo Center with the participation of approximately 600 companies.

The 11th Growtech Eurasia aims at breaking a record with an expected number of guests of more than 70.000. The fair offers domestic and international sales opportunities to participating companies with its participant portfolio from a wide range of agricultural branches ranging from seed growing, dibble growing, greenhouse vegetable growing, modern fruit growing, cut flower growing, landscape architecture to greenhouse technologies, irrigation systems, plant feeding, plant protection, project development and packaging.

Go to the website of Growtech Eurasia.

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