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25 October 2016

Havecon's day out

It is a fact that the people in our company fulfill a very important role. In order to maintain our high standards for our products and our clients we work hard every day. This year has been a very positive year for Havecon, but also a very busy year. To be in a different environment with all your colleagues is necessary to get out of it all once in a while.

Havecon Dagje Uit 2016 018
The Havecon team at the Muiden harbor

This year it was decided to take a bus to Muiden, where a sail boat would bring us to the small island of Pampus. Here everybody could release their inner energy with shooting arrows and throwing axes. Except for one person there were no injuries. The arrow catcher has since fully recovered. After this all entered the boat for a BBQ. We also got the enjoy the pure speed of a powerboat, taking us on a tour towards Amsterdam. 

Havecon Dagje Uit 2016 007
This year only one (light) injury

The skipper required our help hoisting the sails, giving the ladies and gentlemen of Havecon the opportunity to enjoy a small bite and a drink

Everything had been taken care of well, it was a good day, but the most important thing... What a great team we have!! Unique, pride and very happy!

Henk Verbakel

Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 002
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 003
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 004
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 005
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 006
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 007
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 008
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 009
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 010
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 011
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 012
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 013
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 016
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 017
Havecon-Dagje-Uit-2016 018

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