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Written on Juni 23. 2021

Henk Verbakel appointed to AVAG Board

Henk Verbakel, CEO of Havecon Horticultural Projects and partner in horticultural consortium Atrium Agri has been appointed to the board of the sector association for horticultural technology, AVAG. This announcement was made during the AVAG general meeting of members Tuesday June 22. Henk Verbakel is succeeding Jeroen Smiemans from Smiemans Projects.

The AVAG board views the appointment to the board of one of AVAG’s biggest turnkey greenhouse builders and partner of Atrium Agri to be a significant enhancement. ‘Verbakel has an excellent track record and is a true entrepreneur; for AVAG it’s a fantastic addition’, stated president Annie van de Riet.

According to Van de Riet it is an advantage that, with the appointment of Verbakel, one of the people behind Atrium Agri is taking a seat on the board. ‘As group they have been successful, within a relatively short period, in ensuring that a large number of companies work intensively together, join forces and create market power, while all retaining their own entity.’

Verbakel said of his appointment: ‘Working from my roles as CEO of Havecon and partner of Atrium Agri, I can examine and address issues from different perspectives within the various active AVAG working groups. Moreover, I hope that I can use my international experience and network to ensure that AVAG’s renown and strength is placed firmly on the global map.  So, I’m looking forward to being able to make an active contribution as board member to representing the sector within an association such as AVAG.’

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