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Written on May 21.2021

High speed glazing @Hoogweg

Most people know that we can keep building on at Havecon and Voorwinden and never lose sight of quality. But sometimes we are also still amazed at what takes place on the construction site.

Yesterday, a real glass record was set at our Hoogweg project in the Dutch Noordoostpolder. Glazing is done in sections of 5 meters each. If we are normally well underway, we can glaze about 120 courses in one day. But that number was significantly exceeded: no fewer than 185 compartments in a single working day by a single glazing crew. That is really unprecedented.

So you will understand, we are quite good on schedule in Luttelgeest (NL)! The last leaf on the proverbial Four-Leaf Clover, consisting of greenhouses 3C and D, of this project is therefore currently being filled with glass. Greenhouse 3C has been fully completed in terms of construction. There Petter Dekker Installations (PDI) is now working on the screening.

Altogether, this project is about 25 hectares. If you keep in mind that the extension we built last year was the same size, then it is not difficult to calculate a total of no less than 50 hectares of new greenhouse. That probably already sounds impressive, but when you consider that converted about 100 football fields, it makes you quite a bit silent.

The only thing that made noise was our drone filming all this. We have posted the result on our YouTube channel, but you can also view it directly below. 

Finally, more information about this project can of course also be found on the special project page:

Drone video

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