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23 November 2017

Installation of ground cover Royal Peppers shown from above

The greenhouse is becoming increasingly white inside. At the moment the ground cover is being applied. Black at the bottom, white at the top. White columns, white trellis, white irrigation gutters... This is what a modern greenhouse should look like. For the first time the process of installing the ground cover is recorded with by a drone. They start at the back, and work from the head gable to the center pathway. At the time of filming the concrete pathway had been poured for about 2/3. Enjoy the view from above during a sunny autumn afternoon.

Havecon Royal Peppers 092
The ground cover is already in place at the head gables. The tube rail supports are immediately put on top of the cover.

Havecon Royal Peppers 091
The ground cover at the front of the greenhouse still has to be positioned.

The view from inside is less spectacular. Because when you enter the greenhouse, there is no concrete pathway and no ground cover yet. Halfway the greenhouse there are a lot of people working. At the end it looks like you are in a whole other greenhouse. There is nobody around, the cloth is installed neatly, and the supports for the tube rail system are waiting to have their own tube installed. The greenhouse looks almost finished here. And it is!

Havecon Royal Peppers 085
A lot of activity here. The molds of the concrete pathway are being removed, it was poured one day before. The ground cloth installation is finalized, and the supports for the tube rail are being placed.

Havecon Royal Peppers 087
The supports for the tube rail systems are perfectly aligned, and the tubes themself are ready to be placed, welded together and finally painted.

Outside of the greenhouse the service building is being constructed. The foundations are almost finished, and the first steel has been erected. The water technical area was set up a while ago already, and the concrete floor will be poured shortly. It won't be long for the first plants to arrive!

Havecon Royal Peppers 089
The first steel parts of the service building have been put into position already

Havecon Royal Peppers 090
The foundation of the heat buffer is being poured

Have a look at the drone images below.

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