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Written on November 17th, 2023

Kinghaven Farms groundworks in full swing

Over the past few weeks, significant progress has been made to bring the soil of the construction site of Kinghaven Farms in King City, Ontario, Canada up to proper elevation. Upon completion of the project, the greenhouse facility aims to provide Toronto and its surrounding areas with locally grown lettuce.

This year when announcing the project, Jay Willmot, the president of Kinghaven Farms, expressed that Ontario has a few vertical farms and limited greenhouse facilities that grow leafy greens. However, he noted that the market for these products is significantly underserved. Willmot emphasized the need for a more accessible and affordable option for consumers, as the current choice is primarily lettuce from California, Arizona, and Mexico. Kinghaven Farms' goal is to provide a fresher, higher-quality, non-GMO, pesticide-free product in a sustainable manner, ensuring a stable and affordable price for customers.

The construction of the project began in the autumn, and there has been progress at the construction site in recent weeks. The main focus has been on adjusting the soil elevation to meet the specific requirements of the project. Initial preparations, such as the delivery of foundation materials and rainwater discharge systems, have been carried out. The overall facility will be covering an area of 2.3 hectares.

The steel necessary for the greenhouse structure is in transit. The upcoming tasks involve completing the foundation and rainwater discharge work, with the steel construction scheduled to start at the beginning of the year.

Havecon_NoordVliet_Phase 8

Energy sustainability is a key aspect of the project, with plans for a 3 MWp solar PV facility to coexist with the greenhouse. This renewable energy integration, along with technologies like battery storage and combined heat and power generators, aligns with Kinghaven Farms' commitment to environmental ideals. The team is assured the proximity to transportation hubs makes it feasible to attract skilled talent for various roles.

The facility's design includes innovative features such as roof heating pipes for snow melting, rainwater utilization, and a fully automated mobile gulley system, contributing to a facility that requires a relatively small workforce. The fully automated indoor farming facility will enable the growth of lettuce heads in 24 days.

The project is realized in collaboration with Atrium Agri partners SCRE3NS, VB, PB tec and Voorwinden Group.

About Kinghaven Farms

Founded in 1967 by the Willmot family, Kinghaven Farms originally focused on thoroughbred breeding and racing. However, over time, their mission has expanded to encompass sustainable agriculture practices, beekeeping, and the production of small batch goods.

Situated in the picturesque King City, Ontario, Kinghaven Farms continues to operate as a family-owned business to this day.

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