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Written on February 12, 2021

LG Flowers & Havecon:
partners in business 
for the second time in
a row!

Project Details

  • Client                       LG Flowers
  • Location
    Pijnacker, the Netherlands
  • Construction year
  • Greenhouse area
    2.2 hectares
  • Cultivation 

One of the current projects close to our "hometown" Bleiswijk (NL) is project LG Flowers. LG Flowers of which the abbreviation LG stands for Lansbergen Gerberas, is a grower of...yes, gerberas.

LG today is owned by brother and sister Mike and Joyce Lansbergen, who are director of Sales & Logistics and General Manager. Some background information on the history of this company and of the collaboration with Havecon, which 'celebrates' its fifth project.

Grandpa and grandma Lansbergen planted the first seeds of this growers family. They started growing vegetables and switched to gerbera cultivation around 1975. Sons Aad, Kees and Hein meanwhile also joined the family business and have let the nursery grow considerably. Now the  third generation, as mentioned above, works in the company. Still a family business, although the team has grown a lot bigger now and they work hard to grow and process more than 75 million gerberas every year.

The history with Havecon goes back to 2007 when the first greenhouse was realized. It concerned an extension at a new location at the Vrederustlaan in Delfgauw (NL).

LG Flowers and Havecon are now celebrating their second project anniversary together which makes it clear that LG Flowers is very satisfied with the work of Havecon. The confidence from the previous partnerships, in combination with the competitive price, was the decisive factor in choosing Havecon again.

And so we are currently building a brand new extension of more than 2 hectares, which is located diagonally behind the main location on the Meloenstraat. Havecon is pleased that they have also been awarded this fifth new extension and will do everything in its power to ensure that the intended planning, the first young Gerbera plants in the greenhouse in June, will be achieved. Despite the current weather conditions, that should certainly work out well: at the beginning of last week - just before the real winter broke out in the Netherlands- the first glass went on. We are well on schedule!

More info about this project? Then view the special LG Flowers project page. Here you will find all (technical) details and construction phases by means of a photo impression. Click on the link below.

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