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Written on September 2, 2022

Materials for project Fonte Verde phase 2 arrived at destination!

In 2019, construction started on phase 1 at the Fonte Verde project. An extraordinary project in Andradas, the southern region of Mina Gerais near Sao Paulo, Brazil. For the construction of phase 1, Havecon was entrusted to contributing to the realization of Fonte Verde Agro. A project with a very special and beautiful history, where we are proud to announce that we as Havecon can also contribute for phase 2.

The complete project of Fonte Verde Agro is divided into several phases. For the first phase, a project of 2.1 hectares, about 30,000 loads were necessary to prepare the ground for construction. Construction of the 1.5-hectare greenhouse facility and, together with the warehouse area, a total project of 2.1 hectares was started in 2019. A year later, on September 22, 2020, the first plants were seeded. And in December 2020, Fonte Verde Agro was able to harvest its first tomatoes. 

Phase 2 is a project with a total of 1.8 hectares, which will also be set up for the cultivation of tomatoes. As this greenhouse will also be set up with the latest technology, Fonte Verde Agro will make a positive contribution to food safety and quality requirements.

The construction of phase 2 is already in full swing and we will keep you posted on the developments! And so another great Havecon project is located on the South American continent.

More information about this project:

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