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23 September 2016

More than 360km of welding works for Hoogweg

Hoogweg is one of the largest bell pepper growers in the Netherlands and has several locations in Holland, e.g. Marknesse, Luttelgeest and in Nootdorp. VB Climate delivers a complete heating installation for their new greenhouse project. At the moment in Marknesse all crews are hard at work at a new greenhouse with an impressive surface of 25 hectares. The new complex consists of blocks of 12.5 hectares. Each block has separate transport lines for the heating and CO2 installation. Early spring VB Climate started with the installation of the distribution lines with a total length of over 4,800 meters in order to stay ahead of Havecon, the greenhouse builder, and to have most of the transport lines in the ground already. This way, contractors are able to keep the tight schedule.

 Havecon Voortgang Hoogweg 001

Meanwhile, all parties in the first block are ready for Hoogweg to place the ground cloth and next week the first 51mm tube rails can be mounted on the pipe rail supports, so that this part of the greenhouse is ready to plant in approx. 5 to 6 weeks.

Havecon Voortgang Hoogweg 002

In the second block the VB crews are working hard to weld the large amount of 51-ers, so that in week 38 the concrete works can start for the construction of the concrete path, after which Hoogweg can start again with the preparation of the second half of the 25 hectare greenhouse.

Havecon Voortgang Hoogweg 003

To meet the ideal climate requirements in the greenhouse, VB Climate designed an energy room where provisionally two boilers, two CHPs and a heat pump will be placed. The construction of the 10,000 m3 buffer tank is four weeks underway and is expected to be finished next week.

Havecon Voortgang Hoogweg 004

To give an indication of the scale of this impressive greenhouse project: it covers 4,320 meters distribution pipes, 356,000 meters of tube rail lines (which is more than the distance between Brussels and Paris!) and 8,150 meters gable heating.

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