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30 August 2018

Almost 2900 solar panels installed on our roof!

Most parts of Europe have experienced an unusually sunny summer. We as Havecon will be enjoying every sunray for the next years thanks to our newly installed solar power installation on the roof of our factory. Almost 2900 PV panels have been installed, and together they will generate over 700 MWh of electricity annually. This means that we will manufacture and load all our materials using electricity that we generated ourself. Our customers are already using the most of the sun, and now we are too!

Our solar installation will generate about three times more electricity than we use on a yearly basis. The excess electricitiy will be sent back to the grid. The installation can supply over 150 households of green electicity. During extremely sunny days this can even reach 250 households!

Havecon PV 004
The support systems for the solar panels are placed.

With this new installation we are fully prepared for the future. To come to this installation the necessary planning had preceded. The goal has always been to use the roof surface as efficiently as possible. Different types of panels have been compared for this purpose, as well as different orientations. Finally, a mono-crystalline panel was chosen with a yield of 290 Wp each. By placing these in an east-west position, the highest possible capacity was obtained, with the return after more than 15 years of use also being favorable. The total installation costs were also within the budget.

Havecon PV 009
The first solar panels are being installed.

The panels were installed by SolSolutions and the connections of the panels was done by Ponsioen. Thanks to the latest technologies that these companies provide, we hope to enjoy every ray of sunshine and to keep up with how we contribute to making our beautiful earth more sustainable!

Havecon PV 017
A large part of the solar panels is already on the roof.

Havecon PV 021
The west side is first mounted and cabled, followed by the east side.

Havecon PV 067
A roof full with solar panels in east-west position.

Havecon PV 072
All the solar panels are installed. How many do you count?

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