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26 May 2017

Project Duijnisveld under construction

They hardly ever meet at a construction site: the builders and the glazers. They are worlds apart, and don't like to be compared to each other. After the foundation works have finished, the Men of Steel enter the construction site. They bring columns, trellies and gutters. They start with a cross braced section, not far from the center aisle. From that point on the complete lower part of the greenhouse is built very quickly. 

The manitou is driving back and forth between the loading site near the entrance and the platforms at the construction site. At first one side of the center aisle is erected. This way the other side can be use for temporary storage of all the construction materials. This allows the manitou to easily drive around while carrying long materials. 

Havecon Duijnisveld Bouw 003
The manitou is delivering a bundle of trellies

After the first sections have been erected, the contours of the greenhouse are taking shape. The construction teams are working together flawlessly. First a trellie is attached to the part of the construction that is already finished. After this a colomn is bolted to the foundation pole using only one nut. The last step is bolting the trellie and the column together with two bolts.

Havecon Duijnisveld Bouw 009
The column is hoisted into position

Installing the gutters is the final step. They come partly pre-assembled, the connections to the trellies have already been bolted on. The columns can be moved around a little because little before the gutter is attached. At the top of the platform the gutters are connected to each other using strips, and they are bolted onto the trellies and columns. Another section finished.

Havecon Duijnisveld Bouw 001
The gutters have a length of two sections. This way two columns can be attached at once.

Below is a collection of pictures taken from above using a drone. It shows the severa steps in the construction of the lower part of a greenhouse. Also a movie has been made, showing every step in more detail.

Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 001
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 002
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 003
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 004
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 005
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 006
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 007
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 008
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 009
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 010
Havecon-Duijnisveld-Bouw 011

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