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Written on December 20, 2023

Project Recap 2023: Blasting into the new year!

With the holidays just around the corner, we are busy preparing for this festive time and would like to share our project updates of 2023!

We are making significant progress on our projects every week, and of course that includes an end-of-year overview with the most important updates of completed and ongoing projects in 2023.

NoordVliet phase 8 - Middenmeer, The Netherlands

After 7 successful phases in the past 12 years, 2023 was the year in which the final block was constructed. With phase 8, the total of 100 hectares was also achieved for the NoordVliet location in Middenmeer. At the beginning of this year, we started working on the last 12 hectares, and before the end of the year, the first tomatoes are already growing in the brand-new greenhouse.

Agro Care 14 - Middenmeer, The Netherlands

This year, we had the opportunity to construct Greenhouse 14 for the cultivation of illuminated tomatoes for Agro Care. The expansion of over 94.000 m² has been completed and is now in production. In addition to the greenhouse, we also expanded the water technical area and the energy center to accommodate the necessary installations for Greenhouse 14.

Chris Rudd phase 2 - Knutsford, UK

Last fall, in collaboration with CambridgeHOK, we build the construction of 14.000 m² new greenhouse for Chris Rudd in Knutsford, United Kingdom. This project is an expansion of the greenhouse that was previously built in 2014. With this extension, the total area now reaches over 36.000 m² for the cultivation of tomatoes.

Andre de Koning - Pijnacker, The Netherlands

This spring, we constructed a greenhouse of almost 14.000 m² at Andre de Koning's location in Pijnacker, The Netherlands. However, instead of using glass for the roof of the greenhouse, we used solar panels, with a total of nearly 6.000 panels in place!

Les Serres d'Isigny phase 2 - Isigny-le-Buat, France

After a successful first phase in 2020, this year we proceeded with the construction of Phase 2 for Les Serres d'Isigny in Normandy, France. Phase 2 consists of over 43.000 m², expanding the total complex to over 123.000 m² of greenhouse area. Tomatoes will continue to be cultivated in Phase 2 as well.

Kwekerij Overgaag - Maasland, The Netherlands

Last summer, we constructed the new greenhouse for Kwekerij Overgaag in Maasland, The Netherlands. The greenhouse spans an area of over 40.000 m² and will be used for the cultivation of bell peppers. By the end of 2023, the first plants will be introduced to this state-of-the-art facility.

Dyson Farming phase 2 - Carrington, UK

Dyson Farming, based in Carrington, United Kingdom, has a new expansion for the cultivation of strawberry plants. In collaboration with CambridgeHOK, the final touches are being made, and the first plants have been planted in the new greenhouse. This project focuses on strawberry cultivation and the expansion covers an area of 47.000 m². The strawberries will be grown for the local English market.

Kinghaven Farms - King City, Ontario, Canada

At Kinghaven Farms in King City, Ontario, Canada, we have commenced the construction of a new greenhouse and warehouse spanning over 23.000 m². These facilities will be used for the production of lettuce. After finishing up the foundation and rainwater discharge works, we will start the steel construction this upcoming year.

Proplant Propagation phase 4 - Jarvis, Ontario, Canada

We have also started with the construction on Phase 4 at Proplant Propagation in Jarvis, Ontario, Canada this year, which involves an expansion of over 23.000 m². The foundation and rainwater discharge works has been carried out this fall. We are scheduled to commence the steel construction at the beginning of 2024. This greenhouse will be used for the propagation of vegetable plants.

The Ohio Greenhouse Company - Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA

The greenhouse of The Ohio Greenhouse Company in Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA, was cleared and rebuilt in a record time. This greenhouse has a total area of 77.000 m² and is used for biological cultivation of strawberries and cucumbers.

Erfgoed BV - Moerkapelle, Netherlands

Last autumn, we constructed a new warehouse of over 2,000 m² for Erfgoed BV in Moerkapelle, The Netherlands. The warehouse will serve as a workspace and storage facility. Due to the company's growth, there was a need for a modern warehouse with enough room to carry out their own operations. The additional storage space was also more than welcome.

Finca de Pela - Badajoz, Spain

Last summer, we were also present in Southern Europe. For Finca de Pela in Southern Spain, we constructed a greenhouse of nearly 8.000 m² for the cultivation of peppers. A section of the existing greenhouse was in such a state that it needed to be rapidly replaced. In short time, with all parties involved, we successfully had plants growing in the new greenhouse by autumn.

Vissers Plant Innovators - America, Netherlands

This year, we completed an expansion of over 15.000 m² at Vissers Plant Innovators in America, Limburg, for the propagation of strawberry plants. In addition to the greenhouse, we also collaborated with SCRE3NS to supply and install insect netting in the ventilation windows.

Bunnik Plants - Bleiswijk, Netherlands

This autumn, we began with the construction of a new 7.000 m² greenhouse for Bunnik Plants in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. The greenhouse structure is already in place and fully glazed. SCRE3NS has commenced the installation of insect netting and the double screening system. The facility will be set up as a research greenhouse for the cultivation of indoor plants.

Nourse Farms - Whately, Massachusetts, USA

We have commenced the construction of a greenhouse and tissue culture laboratory spanning 20.000 m² at Nourse Farms in Whately, Massachusetts, USA. The foundation and rainwater discharge works have been completed, and the loading dock will also be constructed this year. This new cultivation facility will be used for the production of strawberry plants.

Vandalia - Buffalo, West Virginia, USA

Last year, we renovated an existing greenhouse at Vandalia in Buffalo, West Virginia, USA. Additionally, at the end of this year we started the construction of a new warehouse. The foundation work has been completed, and next year we will proceed with the steel construction.

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