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Written on March 19.2021

Project update week 11: 'Constructive!'


There is a lot of activity on our works. A number of beautiful, new projects are about to be ready for pressing the piles and foundation work. On other construction sites greenhouse decks have been closed in recent days or will be closed very soon. There are projects where gables are being placed and also a number of works where we are in the finishing phase. All in all, very constructive. We love it.

Curious about all that constructivity? Below you will find a complete overview of the current status of all our active projects.

Intergrow phase II

Great milestone: The first glass on the phase II greenhouse of our beautiful project Intergrow was placed earlier this week!

In the course of next week, the Voorwinden men will start mounting the pushers on the ventilation windows.

As soon as the glazing has been completed, the polycarbonate gables will be installed.

LG Flowers

The new gerbera greenhouse in Pijnacker (NL) is currently being equipped with the gables and the sandwich. We hope to complete the gable work this week; the sandwich next week. The week after we will start the finishing!


Last week we completed the mounting of the glass for our Proplant II project. The completion of the assembly of all ventilation windows is expected still this week.

This week we also started installing the SDP gables. In addition to the gables, we also made a start with installing the screens.

We hope to have the above work completed in about 4 weeks, so that the specialized parties can start with the heating and irrigation installation.

CHOK - Hilltop Leaf

In Scotland, the Voorwinden men are also working on the (sandwich) gables. In addition, the finishing touches are being made to the ventilation mechanism. Here too we are well on the way to the finishing phase!

Pure Flavor 3

At our Pure Flavor project in Staples (ON), Canada, the aluminium roof construction of the greenhouse is almost completed. The glazing will start in about a week and a half.

In the boiler house, JV (Voshol) is putting the finishing touches to the boiler. This will go into operation next week.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

The demolition of the old greenhouse has been completed and the marking of the land has been done this week. This means that we will soon begin working on the greenhouse at JEM Farms! Next week we will start with the concrete work, followed by the rainwater discharge system. The actual steel construction will begin in about two weeks!

Kwekerij Vereijken

In Someren in Dutch Brabant, we will be putting the finishing touches to the steel construction next week. Also next week the work on the air ventilation system will start. At the end of the week after (13) according to the current schedule we will start with mounting the first glass.

Geest Potplanten

We are also on the eve of the first preparatory work for this new project in 's-Gravenzande (NL). The marking on the land will start next week and the pressing of the piles will follow soon after completion. When the piling is completed, Voorwinden starts with the concrete work and digging the drain for the discharge system.

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

The new greenhouse for the cultivation of santini chrysanthemums is making good progress! In Baarlo (L), Ruud and Hans Hendriks can see that the last gables are being assembled and the finishing phase has already started. The first delivery will therefore take place in the short term.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

Plenty of (steel) construction activity in the Dutch Noordoostpolder! The contours of greenhouse 3C quickly become visible. In fact, after just one week of construction, the Voorwinden men are already halfway on the greenhouse with an area of ​​no less than 12.5 hectares. Talk about constructivity!

Greenbrothers VOF

Our new eggplant project in Zevenbergen in Dutch Brabant is currently still in full preparation, but the first work on the construction site will not take very long anymore. Now that spring is approaching and that benefits the quality of the soil, the groundwork will start shortly. We hope to start with the foundation in about 6 weeks. 

House of Peppers

Just like Hoogweg Paprikakwekeijen, we are busy with the steel construction at the House of Peppers / Peppers Unlimited project. This work will continue for another two weeks. Next week, we will also start glazing the greenhouse roof and hopefully a start will soon be made with the air technology.

Let's keep in touch.

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