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Written on April 16.2021

Project update week 15: 'Constructive building!'


There's a Dutch saying "April does what it wants". This applies pretty well to the first full month of spring so far with the winter wheather and low temperates in the beginning of this week . At least, in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. In North America, the temperatures are already quite 'spring-worthy'.

Fortunately, these different weather conditions have little influence on the progress of our works. Nice constructive building! In this project update you can see and read how we are doing with our clients at home and abroad. Soon you will be completely up-to-date again!

Demers Inc.

We kick off this update with our prestigious project Demers Inc. Activity all over at the construction site in Lévis, Quebec (CA)! The containers with building materials come back and forth and the current, fantastic weather conditions are perfect to continue building. The steel of the new warehouse is therefore already completely upright. All gutters have been installed and Voorwinden has started work on the sandwich roof, which is currently approximately 25% ready.

The foundation team will arrive next week, after which we will start with the foundation of the greenhouse. In the meantime, JV Energy (Voshol) is busy with the transport pipelines. Here too, about a quarter of the first 5 hectares has been welded and buried.

Intergrow phase II

A project where things are going at least as fast as the Demers project is the second phase of Intergrow. The photo shows the finishing touches to the greenhouse, but it is now completely finished; the ventilation is ready and the gables are in. The first delivery has already taken place this week and has been successfully signed off; we are now working on the final things. We expect to start pouring the concrete path and assembling the doors in mid-June. Have you already seen the beautiful video that the Intergrow team has made on our Social Media channels? If not, don't worry: here's the direct link:

LG Flowers

We have now really reached the final phase of the LG flowers project in Pijnacker (NL). The first delivery has been completed and the Voorwinden men are working on the final finishing touches. According to the further planning of the Lansbergen family, the first gerbera plants will enter the brand new greenhouse in mid-June. Good luck!


We came a long way at our Proplant project in Jarvis, Canada. The greenhouse is finished after some final work, such as placing the doors, and JV Energy has also completed the gable heating. The same goes for the screening.

CHOK - Hilltop Leaf

The latest update of this great project in that beautiful location commissioned by CambridgeHOK. Voorwinden will finish the final points next week and after that our work in the Scottish Highlands is done!

Pure Flavor 3

At phase 3 of Pure Flavor, approximately half of the greenhouse is currently glazed and the Voorwinden men are busy with the pushers.

In addition, Holland Scherming's screen team has started with the gable screens and the horizontal screen installation.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

At JEM Phase 4, we have now finished the aluminium roof and gables. Voorwinden has just started with the air mechanism. The burial of the drainage pipes for the condensation has also been completed. All in all, we are very well on schedule! We will start glazing in just under two weeks and the parties responsible for screening (Westland) and heating (JV) will start their activities about two weeks later. We started the foundation work for the R&D sub-project last Monday. These are also going very well and we expect to complete them today. Finally, all foundation bases have been poured and we are almost halfway with the foundation piles.

Kwekerij Vereijken

Despite the wintry weather at the beginning of this week (see photo) we were fortunately able to continue glazing in Someren in Dutch Brabant. The greenhouse roof is now completely covered with glass. Voorwinden is currently working on the air mechanism and will start work on the gables at the end of next week.

Geest Potplanten

We are now on the eve of the start of construction at Geest Potplanten. The marking of the land, followed by the concrete work and the pressing of the piles has been completed and the digging of the rainwater discharge has also been completed this week.

Construction to start soon!

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

The last mile in Baarlo in the Dutch provence of Limburg! Voorwinden works on the finishing points, such as mounting doors and frames. The first delivery will take place soon after these activities have been completed.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

Glazing all over in the greenhouse 3C sub-project of Hoogweg. Together with the other sub, greenhouse 3D, the total area is more than 25 hectares, but the glazers have no problem with that! We are going incredibly fast and that is wonderful to see. The installation of the air mechanism goes along with this.

At the same time, the construction of greenhouse 3D is also going very well, so the impressive expansion of Leo Hoogweg is quickly taking its final shape!

Greenbrothers VOF

The first work on the construction site of our new eggplant project in Zevenbergen (NL) will not take very long anymore. In the first half of next week, the ground will be leveled and soon after that Havecon will also start with the expansion (of the rainwater discharge system).

House of Peppers

In IJsselmuiden (NL) we have made great progress with the glazing. The last glass will be mounted today. The aluminium and the ventilation mechanism will be finalized next week.

Finally, Peter Dekker Installations (PDI) came a long way with the installation of a double screen from Svensson.

Let's keep in touch.

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