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Written on April 10 2020

Project update week 15: (still) on the move!

Despite the fact that the coronacrisis continues and the end is not yet in itself, we need to focus on the bright spot on the horizon. That gives us the courage to move on!

And to be honest, we have little reason to complain. Our projects are still progressing well, mainly because we have been able to start our way around working with corona restrictions quickly. And the good wheather, of course!

Here is an overview of the most important projects currently underway and their status.

Hoogweg (phase 1)

We kick-off with the Hoogweg project in Luttelgeest (NL). Full speed ahead over there, we are now in the building process of the second part of phase 1 already!

The construction of greenhouse 3A, as it is officially called, has recently started. We hope to have this completed within five weeks.

At the first part of phase 1 (greenhouse 3B) we are currently glazing and we are working hard on the air mechanism. In about two weeks we start with the gables. Alongside a beautiful aerial photo of the total project.

Also check out the project page, with a nice drone video. You can find the link below.

Joris Christianen

Finishing up in Meerle, just across the Dutch border. In the next two weeks we hope to finish the total construction and the final delivery can take place.

Not long after that, the strawberry plants can enter new greenhouse of Joris Christianen.


At project Grootscholte phase IV in Westdorpe (NL), we completed the excavation work for the new greenhouse this week.

We hope to start construction within two or three weeks. Alongside an impressive overview photo of the building plot.


Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef

Pressing piles and concrete work this week and next week at project Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef.

Starting in aboyt two weeks the drainage will be dug and the construction of the greenhouse, which will be more than 1 hectare, will start at the same time.


Serres d'Isigny

New project in full preparation! We have arrived in France again with a beautiful project of, including shed, over 8 hectares.

Concrete work will start after Easter; the week after excavation of the drain will be added. Construction is currently scheduled for week 18.

Pure Flavor

Over to North Amercia, starting with Pure Flavor.

The visual work is already taking shape in Staples, Ontario, Canada.

This and the next two weeks we are working hard on the steel construction and in the middle of next week the first glass will already be on the greenhouse roof.

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

At OPP, the completion of the construction of the greenhouse is on hold. 

The construction of the Service Area and the sandwich deck of this building is in full swing. The assembly of the sandwich gables will start next week.

RedSun Farms Inc.

Then RedSun Farms. As mentioned in a project update via our LinkedIn page earlier this week, we're speeding like a rock!

More than a quarter of the rainwater drainage system of the greenhouse is already in place and the same applies to the foundation of the warehouse, or 'Service area'. The construction of the greenhouse will start in no longer than two weeks.

Twin Creeks

And finally Twin Creeks. Going in the right direction at this project! Final weeks of construction, glazing and mounting the gables and air mechanism. 

Let's keep in touch.

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