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Written on April 30.2021

Project update week 17: 'Build like a King!'


It was the week in which the Netherlands celebrated a simplified King's Day for the second consecutive year. Luckily our building conditions are a lot less sober.

Although the temperature (certainly locally in North America, where snow suddenly fell again last week!) still is a bit low for the time of the year, building on our projects continues unabated. In combination with the trust of our clients this makes us greenhouse builders feel like a King every day!

In this update you can see and read what is happening on our works.

Demers Inc.

Speaking of building like a King: this is hat we certainly do with our Canadian project Demers! The glazing of the warehouse and the placement of the sandwich will be completed this week. We are at full steam with the assembly of the sandwich gables. Digging the drain will start next week.

Preparatory work for the construction of the greenhouse has also started this week with the concrete work.

Intergrow phase II

In the second phase of the Intergrow project, we have reached the final phase. Next week, Voorwinden will start finishing the greenhouse, such as pouring the concrete path.

LG Flowers

The latest update of this project, because LG flowers is also a project that is in the final phase. The first, successful delivery has been completed and now we are working on the finishing touches. The final delivery will take place soon after that work. The first young gerberas will enter the brand new greenhouse of the Lansbergen family in mid-June!


We are in the final phase of the Proplant project in Jarvis, Canada. The last work is taking place in and around the greenhouse and the concrete path will soon be poured. The installation of the screen is ready and the screen itself will be withdrawn in a few weeks.

Royal Peppers

New project! For the fourth time in a row, we have been awarded to build an extension for the Royal Peppers bell pepper nursery at the location in Waddinxveen (NL). We are very proud of that!

This project is currently in full preparation with us. We hope to start with the drainage in mid / late next month, followed by the foundation.

Pure Flavor 3

In the third phase of Pure Flavor, the air mechanism was completed this week and the greenhouse roof was closed. In the meantime, the screening is being mounted by Holland screening: the gable screens are almost rounded and the horizontal screens are approximately halfway. Finally, JV (Voshol) is working hard on the installation of the mixing groups and the construction of the gable heating.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

Not only building, but also glazing like a king at the greenhouse of project JEM farms phase 4. And we will continue that - together with the installation of the ventilation mechanism - in the coming weeks.

Construction has also started during the R&D phase: the foundation is ready and the drain will be dug next week.

Kwekerij Vereijken

In Someren, in Dutch Brabant, at Vereijken Kwekerijen we are busy assembling the planned extension. In terms of glazing, both the roof and the gables are closed. Voorwinden will start with finishing next week!

Geest Potplanten

For this new project in 's-Gravenzande, the preparatory work, which is being finalized on the photo, has been completed. Early next week we can therefore start with the steel construction of the greenhouse for the future cultivation of pot plants!

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

The ultimate update of this project for the brothers Ruud and Hans Hendriks in Baarlo, Limburg (NL)! Voorwinden is working on the final points and the first delivery will take place soon after.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

This is another project where builders and glazers feel like a royal! The first sub-project in the Noordoostpolder, greenhouse 3C, is completely intact in terms of steel and because no less than seven (!) glazing teams were working at the same time, all the glass is already on the roof at the moment.

The construction of sub-project two, greenhouse 3D, is in full swing and glazing will start here as well within two weeks.

Greenbrothers VOF

The first construction work of our new eggplant project in Zevenbergen in Dutch Brabant will start soon! Preparation of the ground started earlier this week and the dainage will start next week, after which we can finally start construction!

House of Peppers

In IJsselmuiden (NL) we are a long way at House of Peppers / Unlimited. The greenhouse roof is glass-tight. The installation of the gables will be completed early next week. Finishing can begin in the week after!

Let's keep in touch.

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