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Written on May 28.2021

Project update week 21: 'Speeding up!'


With the current Dutch weather conditions with lots of rain and a little bit of sunshine now and then nature is doing pretty okay: you see the green growing all around you and the weeds sprouting from the ground.

The same can be said about the speed at which our projects are progressing at home and abroad. On our works the steel also seems to shoot out of the ground and you can almost see the glass 'growing' on the greenhouse roofs!

High time to take a closer look at all that construction speed in this project update. We wish you lots of fun reading and watching it!

Demers Inc.

We start with our pretigious project in the Canadian St. Nicolas: Demers. The foundation of the greenhouse for the first 5 hectares is ready. We are currently working hard on the second 5 hectares.

This means that the construction of the greenhouse can also start soon. The material was unloaded this week and construction of the first 5 hectares will start next week.

The ground pipes, carried out by JV Energy, are also all in there. The foundation of the first block has recently started.

At the warehouse, the sandwich is finished and we are glass-tight. We will start screening next week.

Intergrow phase II

In the second phase of the Intergrow project, we have now really reached the final phase. Voorwinden will be busy in the coming weeks finishing the greenhouse, such as placing doors and pouring the concrete path.

Ammerlaan Orchidee├źn

New project! In Pijnacker we are commissioned by Theo Ammerlaan to provide a greenhouse of 0.8 hectares for the cultivation of orchids.

And here too we are 'speeding up', because next week we will already start pressing the posts! In addition to the biweekly project updates, also keep an eye on our social media channels for interim updates with lots of photos and (drone) video material.

Oostland Company

Another new project: soon we will start work for Oostland Company in our neighboring municipality of Berkel & Rodenrijs. A brand new cultivation facility of almost 3 hectares will soon be built there for growing the most beautiful peppers. A beautiful work, which we are looking forward to!

Royal Peppers

For our second, new project with loyal customer Royal Peppers in Waddinxveen, we are currently busy with the concrete work for phase 4; the foundation is currently ready for 2/3.

Next week the digging of the rainwater discharge will start and the (steel) construction will also start at about the same time!

Pure Flavor 3

The speed is also good with Pure Flavor 3! The screen cloth is already installed in part of the greenhouse; we are now finalizing it. In the other part we can already start drawing the canvas next week.

Voorwinden is busy with the installation of the gables and the first caps with the crop wire are already hanging!

In addition, leveling takes place in the greenhouse. Part 1 has been completed, we are now busy with the second part.

JV (Voshol) has run in and welded the 51'ers last week. At the moment they are putting the finishing touches on the painting of the pipes.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

Our double project at JEM Farms, phase 4 and R&D is also gaining momentum:

In phase 4 the greenhouse is completely upright and the roof is closed. Westland is in the process of installing the insect screen and about 20% has now been completed.

The same party also takes care of the horizontal screening and is busy pulling nylon threads. About 20% of this work is also done. Finally, Westland also takes care of the gable screening, with the canvas now retracted at 1 half end gable.

Then the R&D greenhouse: the glazing is almost finished and the vents are immediately placed at the back. All third parties will start their activities from week 22.

Kwekerij Vereijken

Final update! In Someren, Brabant, we are busy with the completion work at Vereijken Kwekerijen. The first, successful delivery is behind us and Voorwinden works with, among other things, preparing the drive-through and adjusting the ventilation towards the final delivery!

Geest Potplanten

At our Geest Potplanten project in 's-Gravenzande, the steel construction is almost finished and Voorwinden has started with the sandwich roof. The air mechanism will start at the end of next week. Also here nicely according to plan!

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

The before-last update of this project for the brothers Ruud and Hans Hendriks in Baarlo, Limburg! The first delivery will take place within a few weeks and in the meantime Voorwinden is continuing to work on the finishing touches. Think of installing the sliding and overhead doors.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

You could almost say that it is old news, but last week a real speed record was broken at our Hoogweg project as well! We have already discussed it extensively on our website and social media channels: during the greenhouse 3D subproject, no fewer than 185 (!) sections were glazed in a single working day. So here too we are running more than on schedule and we will be glazing and finishing the air mechanism in the course of next week.

Greenhouse 3C has now already entered the finishing phase. A true example of 'speeding up' in the Noordoostpolder!

Greenbrothers VOF

Our Greenbrothers project in Zevenbergen is the absolute frontrunner this week when it comes to fast construction: in barely one week, the entire interior construction is up and running. Talk about speeding up!

House of Peppers

The latest update for the House of Peppers / Unlimited project. We have started finishing work in IJsselmuiden (NL). In the coming weeks, Voorwinden will be putting the finishing touches on the drive-through and the installation of the doors. The final delivery of this project will therefore not be taking long.


The bouncer of this update is project Foliera, where the speed is also considerable! The steel construction stands in its entirety and the gable aluminium is almost ready.

The glazers are movig on nicely and are currently at about 60% of the greenhouse. The installation of the pushers is well over half.

The fencing team started the installation of the motors/axles and end buckets earlier this week.

After the completion of the above activities, work on the gables will start next week.

Let's keep in touch.

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